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GTC Members' Club

Research by Cardify shows a lot of traders know very little or nothing about cryptocurrencies. The information out there is overwhelming and making a good start without wasting your time and money is now crucial, because it is developing at a great pace.

It is impossible for one person to evaluate the markets and make informed decisions based on fundamentals and technicals together for such a variety of assets. This is where GlobalTrader.Club comes in. We use our own technical and fundamental indicators to pick assets to trade and cryptos to buy and hold for the long term.

This empowers all our clients as we share our trade ideas and positions as we enter them. This allows our members to enter markets with the traders in our team so you are literally trading with the traders and other members.

This straightforward approach where fundamentals and technicals meet allows you to develop your trading and market skills, get ongoing support with daily videos and posts with trading ideas and make money at the same time while maintaining discipline in your trading and having a social environment with like-minded people.

Join the club and be on top of the market all the time!

If you want to get trading skills to try our Trader Career Programs and our unique financial astrology course for market timing that will leave you amazed!

Check out the options below and you will be amazed at the value you get for the club membership.

GTC Membership

$ 79.99 Month
  • Includes daily analysis of Gold, EURUSD, Dow Jones, SP500, NASDAQ & BTC.
  • Daily astro hours for intra day swings and every Monday the Swing Days of the week for the assets.

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